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New one for 2008; [Wednesday January 2nd, 2008 10:05pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]


Go to the new one, and add me kay!

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The end of my 2007; [Saturday December 29th, 2007 1:31am]
[ mood | okay 'cos I know it'll b okay ]

Just a minute ago, I was enthusiatic about writing down my last public entry for 2007. Well I think if I keep writing, I should really make this into a long post. Because 2007 has it's Ups and Downs and I need to make my Thank Yous to all who had been there for me, holding my hand in 2007. So sit back for a long word entry, and try to look out for your name. If I missed out anybody, I am really sorry.


Dear BFF,
Thank you for tolerating me throughout the five years of friendship and though we do not get along sometimes and the constant fights we had throughout the course of our friendship, I am glad at the end of the day, I still can lean back on you when I am tired and facing a breakdown. You were great five years ago, and still is. Thanks for going MI w me, eventhough it was like a faraway land for the both of us. You are my beautiful bestfriend and I love you til the end of time. Please remember to call me, oand I hope to end New Years with you. I am going to plan a wicked 18th birthday for you which is two weeks away! <3

Dear Nash aka Bitch,
Thank you for being such a great friend to me. You are like a male version of me 'cos our thoughts are so alike! Heh. You know, I know, can already! You are a great friend to drink w and have crazy memories I can tell my children in the future. I am glad you confide in me like how I confide in you. You hold my darkest secrets along w other few people in my life. Though we rarely meet up, I am glad you made the effort to sms and talk to me on the phone. Thanks for claming me down each time I am getting super upset over something small. Fuck it, I love you. With many more years to come, I am ending my 2007 w you. Looks like I am bringing you w me to 2008. My best guy friend ever. I love you to death! <3

Dear LIFO,
Thank you for being in my poly life. I am glad I got you girls to hang around in school and also, (now more often) after school. You girls are great people individually and I am glad we got each other to fall back on. School will certainly suck balls without each and everyone of you. Boy, am I glad tt you girls are my clique. BFB Thank you for listening to my constant whinings about almost everything in my life. You are super lovely. Massie Thank you for always showing me concern and being sensitive when I am not feeling too good. Your words never fail to make sense and don't worry 2008 will be filled hot boys for us! IB Thank you for cheering up by making me depressed ALL the time. Haha, I am totally kidding. I know for the fact you always try to make me feel better. You are someone I can count on for being full of shit. I am going to loose weight also so you won't say I am fat. Haha. O thank you for the shopping trips I had w you. I still am dreaming of sweater, damnit! Haiya Thank you for always following me to places and being part of my life. Your words are golden 'cos you rarely speak. Heh. I love each and every one of you for being the Best clique in NYP. <3 <3 <3 <3 (one each!)

Dear MI Gang,
Thank you for making my life for the first three months esp the greatest to kick start my 2007. BFF, Bitch, MIBestfriend, Nat, Chuck, Woman, Fir, Raqin & Haidar. You nine people are absolutely Love, and if I didnt know any of you, my year will be broing shit, and I would have probably died of boredom and rotting in the library w no one crazy to keep me sane. We need a proper meet up as soon as Dax comes back. I love ALL of you very much. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (one each!)

Dear Ccyanide
I know we have not had a propor meet up, and I blame myself. But I promise you that 2008 will be different. I just need to thank all of you for being in my life. I miss you all like crazy and I am glad til today, my love for the Ccyanide has not fade, one bit. You guys are zee best esp from 2005&2006. I love you ALL truckloads. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (one each!)

Dear Fisherians of WP,
I doubt any of you read this, but thank you for accepting me in the family. You guys make my free time worthwhile. And though I dont say this very often, I love ALL of you, Old and new Fish. But I will be making my move pretty soon. But you guys are forever with me! <3 x countless!

Dear BBF,
I know things are pretty messed up and I am glad we talked things out about two days ago. However, let me start by telling you this. There was never a day I never miss you and the random outings we have. Ten years is pretty long and eventhough we weren't close friends til like two years ago, you were one of my bestfriends. You are still my BestBitchForever, and I dont think anyone can take your place. Although things are never going to be the same, I hope we still be friends and go out and have those random things we did for the past two years. I am sorry we only gym once this year (HAHA) and tuesdays are no longer the days we die die meet up. Sadly, we won't be celebrating the close bond we have on every Valentines Day (was looking foward for the Vday 2008). It was supposed to be our first and to celebrate our 11th year of friendship. I guess we will still be friends but it'a different. Get my drift? Just for the record, I will never let your ex lay a hand on you. And I didn't mean all those other shits I said about you. I am sorry if I was not being such a good friend. Your words are true. I need to change the person I am. Someone who thinks the world revolves around her and it must be her only. Thank you for being my bestfriend for two years, I dont know what I will do without you or next year. But I learnt tt good things dont come easy. I still love you BBF, even if I rarely show it. You are always there when I turn to you. You were fantastic! I hope one day, this wound will truely heal. Meanwhile I hope you are doing well, and you know where to find for me if you ever need me. Take good care of yourself BBF. xxoo Slut.

Dear Ex Girlfriend,
Seven months plus were truely amazing and today I am going to thank you for the little things you did for me through our relationship. Thank you for sending me home without fail, no matter how late it was. And I know tt sending me home everyday means $$$ for ezlink&cabfare and I thank you for wasting your $$ on me, just to send me home on time. I also want t thank you esp during the exam period and I was having some stress attack. You came down despite having an outing w your clique, just to see me for tt ten minutes and give me a hug to tell me it will be alright. Thank you for picking me up from home, work and school. Thank you for making sure I am well fed always. Thank you for making me your number one on your list. Thank you for showing me how to have faith and trust. Despite I am holding a heavy heart to let all of this go, I still love you. Maybe not the way I used to. But thank you for the amazing seven months I had w you. You were the best girlfriend I had, no doubt about tt. I know things are not easy for you, as it is for me, but you know I am always here. You know where to find for me. O ya, another thing. Thank you for standing by me, even if it means to be my punching bag when I am PMS-ing. No one can tolarate such shit I put upon you. You are still in my heart.

Dear Bb,
Thank you for showing a different side of me. I am leaving you behind, together with 2007. When the year ends, you will be someone entirely different to me. So thank you. < 3

Dear Kakak,
Thank you for everything! I love you so damn much! <3

Dear Abang,
Thank you for always protecting me. You are still the number one person I love on this earth. I am sorry. <3

Dear Mama&Baba,
I love you both very much! Thank you for having me! <3 <3

Dear Shiq,
Thank you for being there. Blood is thicker than water, you proved those words right! I love you superalot. Thank you for always saving me. <3

In 2007, I lost myself a couple of times, gained a few more scars, a couple of heartbreak, lost some important people in my world. I lost a girlfriend and a bestfriend. I lost my sanity. I lost so much at the end of the year though I gained alot through the year.

"Hold on tightly, let go lightly."

My new year's resolution is still in the air. I will post a private entry to let my friends know wht I aim to have in 2008. Thank you for taking time to read this.

I love you,
Renny Izzatie.

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it has something else to this; [Friday December 28th, 2007 1:30am]
[ mood | melancholy ]

I feel like crying, even though it wasn't over something like, uhh cry-able. I am glad I made that move, and tonight made me realise the impact she made in my life.

Just missing her, and the times.

I think you know who you are.

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No tittle; [Thursday December 27th, 2007 9:31pm]
[ mood | morose ]

You drive me Crazy, I swear.
I need an answer before NewYearEve.



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And you know what; [Thursday December 27th, 2007 2:01am]
[ mood | optimistic after a long time ]

Another good day spend, thank you boys<3
I am going to have another one tomorrow, (maybe) friday, and (absolutely) saturday.

And my new years?
I am hoping to end it goooooood<3

Cross fingers-

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BFF; [Wednesday December 26th, 2007 2:22am]
[ mood | pretty okay ]

If your name is Cynnthia Chitrah(ooo me god, if i spell this wrongly, I owe you)

I LOVE YOU x10000000000000000000000000000000

(And if I nickname you Bb, please wake up.
You have some answering to do.)

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Dont get no better; [Sunday December 23rd, 2007 10:00pm]
[ mood | very content ]

Hello world, I have done alot of retail therapy with the comfort of family<3 & of course $$$. Actually it is my unearned revenue because I have received cash but have not yet performed the services. Hur hur, look who has been paying attention in class?

Certainly not ME.

I know I have been fucking busy and frankly I am a lil exhausted to tell you the daily events of my life. And sorry I am not planning to. Sad to say, I do not have All the pictures to the happening events of my life. I have been to a gig, a few clubs, a couple of drinking session, alot of outings w friends & family <3

So please let me tell you about today, because yesterday was a rather depressing, in a love-sick kind of way, which I do not wish to elaborate. But it ended of awesome-ly though. Damn, this is rather ironic.
Okay back to today!

Family minus sister went to have lunch.. blah blah blah.. Then we(minus daddyship) headed off to Suntec to check out BookFest. Yeah, I am a nerd at heart! I got myself Four story books! So abang left to meet His gf. Mothership and I left for Toa Payoh and I got myself Two more story books from Popular. 0.0 Heeeee. Then grab Burger King home for dinner. Daddyship fetched us!

Before I bore you, here are some (ugly) pictures.
The ones who kept me saneCollapse )

Let me tell you about Gig day. Gig day was Fun! I got to eat my Fish soup at Bugis & and I got to see Bb perform. I got my first hug from Bb and I went clubbing with Sistership and cousinship. I met Reed&Ray. Club at DoubleO. It was okay, the only thing that kept it happening were the drinks, performance(krumping), company, Bb's messages. The shit part about that night was Two gu-fcukin-ys.

Guy one was a cheena (no offence, i love cheena. And I have plenty of cheena friends to prove it!) who danced behind me. Frankly, I do not mind dancing with random strangers just as long as they know that some parts of me are out of bounds! He was busy introducing himself to me and I was uhhhhhh. Then he offered to buy me a drink, and I said, "It's okay." Told him I wanted to go to the ladies (because I want to run away from HIM) and he nicely asked "Want me to accompany you?" 0.0 UHHHH no! Thought I lost him, but apparently he was near my table. Offered to buy me a drink, again (urghh) and I said no again. Then he asked for my number. Gave him something fake. Heh.

Guy two was abso-fucking-lutely horrible! He started dancing w me and when sean kingston song came on, he started singing along! Sad to say, he was a malay! Hur, I think cheena boys got much more respect than malays (or just this one) because he tried to MAKE OUT w me!!! How freaky was that?! And to make things worst, he has beer breath. EWWW! 0.0 I washed my lips twenty fucking times. I hate clubs! Okay, kidding!

So there, what a busy night right.

This my dear friends, is such a killer to my memory. I had alot of this and this is the first time I got completely wasted and remembering only 21% of the night. Bb said I speak Malay when I am high. Frankly I dont remember. Bb called because of my messages but secretly I think he just wants to hear my nonsense blabering! Urgh. He refuses to tell me anything I have said that night.

What else, I got a fucking hangover.

So anyway, I have many books to keep me company through the holidays. I am supposed to be stuyding for exams or at least do my report/project. But frankly, I am not in the moooooood! Sigh, but to make things better, I have Christmas and a good weekend away from Singapore (hopefully!!!) this week! I still want to club and buy more clothes. But I am super broke, so don't remind me.

Oh yes, I am going to apply for a new job tomorrow (: So I shall keep all of you updated on that one! I have my Eighteenth Birthday to plan, and I need to get my team together. Hur hur, they are going to help me have the best time of my life!

I think 2008 is going to be intersting. 2007 was pretty awesome <3 Gone through so much, and I learnt so much about everybody inclusive of myself. Now with new layout, maybe this will kickstart to a new beginning. Man, this is so cliche. But who gives a fuck?

Not me!

Til next time,

Ps: Don't read so much into my words. And making assumptions.

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You think you got what it takes? [Saturday December 22nd, 2007 7:39pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I am so tired of everybody's expectations of ME. Sometimes I just want to tell it right smack in your face like, "Excuse me fucker, if you think it is so easy being a person, why dont you try to act like one?" Like what? I am lesser of a person than you are just because I do not do stuff that normal people do? What exactly is Your defination of normal anyway?! Do me a favour, and get your fuck face out of my fuck life. I am tired. I tried to be what All of you want me to be and I can't possibly please everyone. But it seems like I have to please every one of You.

Why ah?

Someone enlighten me.

No one? Okay you can Fuck OFF.

[Oh yes, I am going to see Barker tonight!]

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So tell me love; [Saturday December 22nd, 2007 2:16am]
[ mood | content ]

I know, I know.
I have not been updating and I lost practically ALL my readers.
So rest assured I will come back with pictures and words.

I have been too fucking busy.
Do you know that?

Too much drinking/clubbing.
DoubleO, Obar, St James.
Plus outings are goooooooood (:
Next week I got loads of plans. Did I tell you I have a date on Chrsitmas already?
Yuhh huhh.

God, this blogs needs an update. But, Not, now.
I need to sleep early.

I am going to get my iPod touch later today, and I just got my k850i.
Talk about me being a camwhore. 5 megapixcel, I will def be one!!!

I already prepared my end of year entry. Bring a box of tissues.

Much love,

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[Tuesday December 18th, 2007 3:06am]
[ mood | busy beeeee ]

I seriously need to blog.
Sometime soon, promise.

I am fucking busy!

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that's what you get; [Tuesday December 4th, 2007 9:34pm]
[ mood | super high! ]

Recently in schoooooool, we have been taking loads of pictures
because irritating bitch got a new phone : W950i.
The fucking Hot red one. Hur hur.
I am planning to get a new phone: (what's new?!)


Hur hur, mesti hot giler nyerrrrrr (:

Lecture&LibraryCollapse )

Today was rather classic. Sam texted me she's nt going class, woke up late.
I on the other hand was really tired and looked worst than a Momok!
But me being the good one, went for school. Late in meeting the rest of babes.
Then upon reaching our usual meeting point, Massie&Rihanna said: Dont feel like going.


Okay, my attendence still can afford. Hur hur. At first, I wanted to save it for 1st Jan,
and the rest reminded me that 1st Jan no school. HUR HUR. Kay, so we decided to skip IT.
Called irritating bitch(IB) and asked her to stay at platform (Ms Marsiling late) And I
declared I wanted breakfast from BK because the last time I had was MI days. (: So kay,
nearest : Woodlands or Town. Novena also have but ignore! Hur hur. Ten points if you
guessed we went town!

Bangla: Good morning!
Massie: Morning!
Bangla: I like the green one!

Hur hur, Massie should stop entertaining strangers! Cine leisure for FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

BK is love!Collapse )

So next stop, PARAGON! (:
Camwhore in the toilet! Proceeded to Metro where we tried clothes at DP. We all getting this
same long sweater cum dress. Damn hot. Massie and I tried this damn Hot pink dress. Mcm perempuan joget! HUR HUR (like those malay dancers in malay club!)

Sneak peak!Collapse )

Walked around somemore. Saw stuff we all wanna get! I was thinking if $52 platform slippers
are worth getting! (: Hur hur, then we had to head back to schooooooooool ):

I love each and every one of them for hearing me rant and being there for me!
You too Sam. BFB! Hur hur!


Yayy, I wont be a loser afteralllllllllll over the weeeeekend! Hur hur hur!
So excited! D= It's been awhile since I club. And it will be a different scene.
I going w Abang and his friends! HIP HIP HOOOORAY! Plus Abang bought a bottle of

Had a quick chat w Nut Morgan, going to meet up w her. (:
I realised I missed her!!! So YAYY to more meet ups!!!

Now I need to study.
Oh in case you're wondering. This blog is still 78% locked! (:
For every three public entries: I will remind you all that this blog is still locked
And and and the percentage may increase/decrease. Depending on how I am feeling!
This is my first public entry since the last time I mentioned it was locked!

Hur hur, I love you allllllll!
Sweeetest dreams tonight!

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Shush; [Sunday December 2nd, 2007 1:21pm]

This blog is officially 78% locked!

Please log in/ add me, to read locked entries.
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Dear shakethatbooty; [Saturday December 1st, 2007 11:03pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I wish I had left you to your ex, drug addict, boyfriend to beat you up, instead of putting my life on the line. All because you were too afraid to stand up for yourself. And yes I am a hell of a bitch to put up with. Guess this is where it ends.

Ten years.

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smirks; [Saturday December 1st, 2007 3:09am]
[ mood | mixed feelings ]

I like the satisfactory of this :

CB: eee stop it u sound lyke a trying too hard DUMB BLONE ...

Faith: at least I have to try, which means I am Not. but you dont have to try. You're naturally dumb!

And she says I do not understand english. How to, you tell me. Look at her english. I is no understand. Hee hee. In your face CB = Crumpler Bitch!

Apart from that, I need to open my eyes more (: This what happens when you thought that people will always have your back. I took care of theirs' and look what happened to mine?! I never knew that day you proved my mother right, has come. It has, and I am willing to let everything go.

I need alone time, if I may.
Thank you LIFO, thank you Nash, thank you Beebee for being here.

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yadayada; [Thursday November 29th, 2007 12:46am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

If things can get any worst, give me a call.
I will be first in the queue.

Say you do; [Wednesday November 28th, 2007 11:16pm]
[ mood | in need of TLC ]

And I missing you badly tonight.

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Give me three reasons; [Wednesday November 28th, 2007 12:08am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Today was awesome, both in school and outside school (:
Okay, minus the stupid fucktard test which I didnt finish.
Don't rub it in.

Firstly, I will like to make a mental note:

Do not stand next to Nadia when bringing a lappy, going up an escalator.

She is one bloody huge distraction, abg's lappy rolled down in slow motion.
I swear!
Both Nadia and I were speechless + laughing + stunned!
A good start (:

Secondly, POA. Stupid Helmi insulted me (indirectly) mentioning about people
who failed AFA first sem. I totally shot him back in his face! I think the
teacher had a good laugh about our arguement. I HAD CHOCOLATES! D=
He didn't. Oh Helmi, don't be such a looo-ser.

Thirdly, two hour break. We headed to town. We had three intentions. All three achieved.
Oh we had a last minute add-on intention: Skip Macro. Calculated our attendence,
and we all could afford.

Oh, before I get to at town. Going to town was hilarious. Nadia and I couldn't stop
laughing. I swear. We laugh at the stupidest things! Must be lack of food. (;

Me (nudge Nad): Ey tengok, mat joget! [Ey look mat dancing!]
Nadia (on phone): Ey you, i letak telefon dulu. I nak tengok orang joget.
[Ey I put down the phone first. I want to see mat dancing.]

The funny part was :
1) The way she said it.
2) The mat was directly in her face. She need not put down the phone.

I swear the persons beside us regret letting us sit tog. We were super noisy!

Haha, back to town. We went Wisma to send Massie's earphone. She got them replaced!
We camwhore there and of course, Nadia occasionally asking Hid to move cos she farted.
And that irritating bitch(according to her bf), wanted to go near me after she farted.

Next stop, Fish.

Thirdly, we initially planned to go Cahaya, Far Eat, to lunch. Massie decided Ayam Penyek,
Lucky Plaza. So we ,hushhhhhhh, jay walk. Me, being the mulut masin said this:
Oh my god, if we were hit by cars. Our parents found out we weren't in school.
And instead towning.

Safe and sound. We ate. (: Adi "secret" code of the day : Nadia bodoh.
Haha, we left. and guess who we saw?

with aunty and mummy's bestfriend!


mama: Ey, you not in school?
me: Break, now going back school.
mama: Okay, see you at home.

The rest laughed at ME! My mulut masin = whatever I say comes true. Dammit.
We went the other side of town (: Had a great great great day (:

Sony Ericsson ladiesCollapse )

My new secret :

Thank you Bitch, for being there during the whole thing.
Pain level : 6.5/10

Thank you, I love you all. Listen me whine, making fun of me, making my day!
Even you Farah Abdullah, we missed you today!

I am still a mess.
Damn ulcer!

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Hallelujah; [Sunday November 25th, 2007 2:43am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

[word entry]

Things do get weirder by the day, do they? I do not know if I should laugh or cry or just simply smile. I need to put a brave front (x1000) I don't know how much more I am able to take, but I will take what is given to me. Even if it means piling up more shit. Yeah, the shit is still piling up, and I am still mentioning about the shit because I still have not cleaned up after myself.

I hate this, why do I feel I have lost so many things in such a short period of time? How can I let things just slip passed me? Most importantly, how can I not noticed and observed what is happening around me. I can be so dense sometimes, it annoys the crap out of me. Really.

I need to keep my mind of things. Right now, I wish it was a typical school day with LIFO around me or was it LIFO. I need to get things off my mind, and they are just the only solution I can think of. You know how amazing it is that people say they never meant to hurt you yet they are the ones who hurt you most. Like your loved ones are the ones have the power to hurt you most.

Don't you dare call me emo right now, nobody has the right to.

I tell you what right now, you will probably be reading too in dept in my words. But I dont give a damn right now because right now, I couldn't care less about how any of you feel.

To top up the shit I am feeling right now, I just found out someone I am close to, is out of love. And the shitty part is tt i didnt even know there was a guy!!!

Can someone just fuck with my mind.
I am so anal sometimes, I think I want to cut my lips and hang my ulcers.

I am dense,
love me less tonight.

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[Saturday November 24th, 2007 2:28am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

[Word entry]

My Bestfriend's Girl

Have any of you read that book? It is by one of my favourite authors. If you haven't, get your hands on that book. It will tear your heart, make you cry buckets, and make you want to fall in love. I think stories like these are the ones selling. I think my mulut masin. But whatever it is, I give you the jest of the story.

Girl A has a bestfriend, Bestfriend B. Girl A has a boyfriend, Boyfriend C. Bestfriend B and Boyfriend C slept for one night. Girlfriend B got pregnant. Girl A finds out. Girl A leaves both. Years later, Bestfriend B is dying. Bestfriend B asks Girl A to take care of her daughter. Will Girl A sacrifice her happiness to rake through the past to secure Bestfriend B's daughter future?

Nope, my story isn't like that. Actually, it is almost nothing like that. But I can definately tell you something, Girl R is abit upset with Bestfriend I. Girl R is disappointed with Boy S. I give my blessings to see the two persons I care be together. But keeping from me, is really a slap in the face. I thought I can always count on you, and vice versa. I treat you as my bestfriend. Bestfriend over boys/girls, Anytime. Period. But at the end of the day, I am glad we talked things out. I am still holding shits over me. But I will stand up on my two feet just to walk with you. There's nothing to hide.

Well, about Boy S. What can I say? Boys will always remain as boys. It's a two way street darling, don't push the excuses to me alone. I am very disappointed with you, and I know you won't probably read this. But once I get to clear the shit hoovering over me, and I am stable on my two feet. I am coming for you. I think we need to talk things out. There's alot for me to say. I treat you as a friend, but you don't just stuff your shit in my mouth. That is abit lude don't you think? For friendship sake, for Bestfriend I's sake, we need to talk.

The things I need to clear

I think I have a problem. Wait, a is an understatement. I have problems. I think the solutions lies in me, and some in the hands of others.

Firstly, I want boys (of all kinds) to lay off me. I coulnd't care less of your intentions because I had it with all the boys in the world. I think you boys are just piling my shit.

I am lagging, way way way, behind school. And I think I need to sprint to catch up with the train. My tests are just next week, and I am scared as hell. I make so many empty promises when it comes to school. And by next week, I am going to lay low. Go home straight after school. Stay at home and study. If I want to enjoy my holidays and my eighteenth bash ( 1st Feb btw (; ) I need to start now. I hate empty promises, but I am going to make another one today. (: I need to start doing what I say I will do.

Work is another shit load. I need to lay off or get another better paying job. It is ubber tiring, I swear. I want to earn money by closing my eyes. Is there such a job? Money money money, I am totally short of cash this month because my bill blew $85 of it. I hate M1, get Starhub everyone (:

I am missing so many people. Friends, forgive me.

Barker went missing.

I am going to wind out next Saturday. I am going for a gig. I get the poster from dear brother and post it here on my next post. Let me know if you want to go, which I think you are unlikely Because it is a metalcore gig (: Bitch is coming because according to her, Metalcore is the sex.

Always&Forever <3


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Panic at the fast food canteen; [Thursday November 22nd, 2007 3:46pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Press the panic button.
Fucking POM.
I need to ace this shit even if it means staying up tonight.

Where the hell is Barker?
I am going to screw him.

I will blog proper later.

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